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Exceptional Legal Skills using Heart & Intellect

I’m a single mother of a 7yr old boy. I’ve been searching for an attorney that not only understands my financial state but who works really empower me in their legal approach. I’ve consulted with many types of lawyers that had an aggressive approach but their interpersonal skills and ability to truly meet me where I was, seemed lacking.

From my first initial consultation through the end of my legal proceedings, Ms. Tamara impressed me. Her knowledge doesn’t only encompass family law, but includes an extensive amount of skills and knowledge in others areas that as a whole experience left me in tears of gratitude, empowerment, and happiness I haven’t felt in 7 years struggling with my domestic violence case. My case was not a slam dunk each corner we turned together. My situation involved an insidious acts of abuse that were incredibly difficult to prove, meanwhile my son was suffering with anxiety, fear, and worry caused by our visitation schedule that I had tried so hard to move forward with smoothly. Ms. Benefield is like a mad scientist in the court system, navigating and adjusting quickly and tactfully through the curve balls thrown during court proceedings. As a licensed family therapist myself, I cannot believe today that I found such an amazing advocate with such a complex understanding of diverse situations and issues within family issues.

I highly recommend Ms. Tamara, as she took my seed of hope and turned it into a fruitful blossom I never knew eww possible. My recommendation is to trust her through the process, however, and don’t let your anxieties through the legal proceedings trickle onto your advocate, as to not make what you are going through even more complex. You must do your homework and be able to communicate your history with as concrete facts as possible as to work collaboratively with her intense, aggressive, and objective direction. Thank you Ms. Tamara, you have eternally changed my son’s life as well as mine!


Skilled and Knowledgeable

I consulted with Ms. Benefield about a case. She was able to assist me in developing a sucessful legal strategy. She is passionate about the law and extremely knowledgable about substantive and procedural matters. If you want a great lawyer, retain Ms. Benefield.


Wonderful Attorney

I found Ms, Benefield online after looking and failing to find a family law attorney to help me with my case. Thank God I came across her name. In such a difficult time in my life Ms. Benefield put my mind at ease and gave the reassurance I was so desperately looking for. Needless to say she won my case for me and family. Thankful for her expertise join helping me through this trying time. Will most certainly utilize her services if needed in future. Do yourself a favor and hire the best for great results,

Sherlonda H.

A Blessing

Ms Benefield was definitely a Blessing. She was not only professional but personable as well. She was affordable and catered to my needs took the time to fully explain processes . After going to court for almost a yr . We hired her and within 3 months we were done.

Jen McKinney

Believes in YOU!!

I had interviewed a couple of attorneys before I met with her. She came to me as a referral from a friend and he couldn’t stop raving about her. As soon as we were done speaking, I knew that she was the one. She kept me calm and made me feel relaxed even though I can be a basket case at time. Her presence is court is calm and she is very professional. And she is a BEAST in court. She fights for you and knows her stuff!! She always comes prepared. I would refer her to anyone that asks me for family law attorneys especially those that deal with child custody.



Tamara, is in that elite circle with the Best of the Best in Family law, I believe. She is very surgical in her defense and attack towards the opposition. Tamara is very passionate about her profession and from my experience with her through my challenging, headache of a case; she has shown how she genuinely cares and will go an extra mile for her client if needed. Her Brilliance and Confidence at one of my hearings made me want to jump up and applaud her with a standing ovation. I felt blessed to have her on my team. Her excellence spoke for itself as it attracted people, watching i her in action in the background of my case asking to acquire business card and services. And lastly she keeps it real, honest and has a great personality.

Thank you for helping me Tamara.



5 stars is NOT even close to describe the amazing work Tamara Benefield does! She is truly the best attorney out there for family law! I’ve had 2 attorneys and consulted countless attorneys prior to meeting Tamara and they just made me lose hope. Once I met Tamara, her knowledge, professionalism, and caring personality gave me hope. I put all my trust in her and it was the best decision I had ever made! When she tells you, that she’ll take care of it; she really does!! She will fight to the very end and will NOT stop until she gets what she wants. If you are in need of a family law attorney, Tamara Benefield is the best of the best! Please look no further and contact her. I highly recommend her to anyone that is going through the stress of family law. Trust me, it will be the greatest decision you will ever make.


Tamara is an awesome attorney

Tamara Benefield is an amazing attorney. My child custody case was difficult and stressful. We had several turns in my case and there were times when I didn’t think the case would be over. But Tamara took each one in stride. She put together a plan that won me custody of my children. If you want an attorney that cares about you and your case I would recommend Tamara.

Kevin F.

The absolute best family law attorney there is!

My divorce has been the most difficult and stressful time in my life. Tamara Benefield is absolutely amazing. She is simply gifted and brilliant in the field of family law. At times when I was completely upset or anxious her kind heart, understanding and gentle demeanor kept me going. Make no mistake, she will not hesitate to fight for you!! I was absolutely fascinated watching and listening to her represent me in court. She navigates through the court room with grace, knowledge and complete confidence. I have referred many people to her and I highly recommend her!


Hands down, the best lawyer I’ve ever had!

Ms. Benefield worked very hard on my very sensitive and difficult case. She was very reasonable, honest, supportive, respectable, kept me informed and focused all the way to victory.


Are all lawyers this honest????

I thought all lawyers were crooks. Glad to know that there are some out there that will tell you one thing and stick to that. Recommend.



As a person who knows a few things about “free consultations” (I work in marketing), I went into my meeting with Ms. Benefield only looking to get as much free information as possible before I went to file my documents myself. I met her in her office in Beverly Hills (great office btw) and when we got set up in the conference room, I waited for her to start selling herself to me, all with the intentions of just letting her speak and then asking my questions and leaving. Instead of talking herself up, she let me talk first. She let me pour out my heart for over 20 minutes and answered every question I had without hesitation and with a sense of compassion I am not used to getting from professionals especially from those who i suspect are only after my money. At the end of our time, I had to retain her because I knew she would be able to go into court on my behalf and help me. Sure enough, during my hearing I heard her speak with the same amount of passion and conviction that she had spoken with the very first time we met. I admire that about her and I wish more lawyers were like that. I went from looking to get free advice to looking to get her more paying clients (myself included) because I really liked the way this lady made me feel as a client. I was not just a paycheck or a case number. Mrs. Benefield made me feel like more than just a client. She made me feel like a friend. I am very happy that i got the chance to hire her (cause we won).

James Ostertag

Tamara Benefield is a professional expert in Family Law! Aside from her professionalism and expertise, she was present with me, very easy to talk to. She clearly understood my concerns. She boldly represented, and fought for me in the Courtroom! I walked away satisfied with the outcome of my situation.

I would highly recommend Tamara Benefield to anyone who might need a Family Law Attorney.


I’m just going to cut the fat and get straight to the point. Ms.Benefield is hands down THE BEST attorney when it comes to family law. We couldn’t be happier with her services and the outcome of our trial. We hired Tamara for a custody case involving my fiancées daughter. The case was difficult as we were dealing with a manipulative & abusive ex husband on the other side & not only did we win, but we won big!!!! She is extremely knowledgeable, always returned our calls and always made her self available for anything we needed. She honestly made us feel extremely protected and comfortable throughout a process that is beyond stressful. Tamara is a shark in the court room and a force who is not to be reckoned with and we wouldn’t of wanted to go through this process with anyone else by our side!!!! TAMARA IS THE BEST!!!!!!


I found Ms, Benefield online after looking and failing to find a family law attorney to help me with my case. Thank God I came across her name. In such a difficult time in my life Ms. Benefield put my mind at ease and gave the reassurance I was so desperately looking for. Needless to say she won my case for me and family. Thankful for her expertise join helping me through this trying time. Will most certainly utilize her services if needed in future. Do yourself a favor and hire the best for great results.

Sherlonda H.

Tamara is a fantastic attorney. She has been so supportive and protective of my case and helped me get sole legal and physical custody of my children. I have used her firm for several years and her and her team have been there for me giving me the keys to winning my case! She’s amazing and I definitely recommend her. She is super successful and that’s why a lot of haters out there post fake reviews. She’s the real deal and my family and I are under her wings during our crisis.