Our firm dedicates a significant portion of our practice to helping people and families go through a divorce or custody battles. How you decide to go through this process will have lasting consequences for your future. You should consult and retain our offices to both advise and guide you through the many options available to you:
  1. Mediation
  2. Early Settlement
  3. Litigation
  4. Arbitration
Fundamentally, our firm is premised upon faith in our client’s ability to overcome, hope for their future and a compassion for their concerns and issues of life. We employ unique litigation strategies to help people, kids and families.

Family Law is an area of law where the unique personality, talents and intelligence of the Attorney is of particular importance.  You need an Attorney like Ms. Benefield whose talents enable her to lend a compassionate ear, rebuild your personal confidence and she is gifted to shape your legal outcome in a way that is pleasing to you and your children’s future. Dealing with people in distress, emotional turmoil and in need of help requires more than just a smart, aggressive, and knowledgeable Attorney. You may need a whole life makeover.  Whether you are obtaining a divorce or going through an intense custody battle, pain is pain. Ms. Benefield will help you develop the life skills to empower you through a difficult time in your life.

You can change your life. You can change negative internal dialogue and adopt a positive attitude. You can overcome the barriers you now face to love. But bitterness can not become your familiar ground if you are to rise above your own distress. You must persevere, and achieve your goals in and out of the courtroom if you want to be happy. Ms. Benefield will help you attain your litigation goals, encourage and inspire you to be your best and come out of this whole ordeal with a newness of life, hope and future possibilities.

Isn’t it time for you to come out from among those dark clouds? If you are ready to walk in a new light, start now by getting your family life in order. Our firm can help you as a family coach, mediate a dispute and assist both parties in reaching an amicable settlement agreement, or represent you through a contentious courtroom battle. This is going to require you to have an Attorney who knows how the law can affect your life, how the law can shape your future and your family’s future.

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