If your original custody order was legalized in another state, it is important to register the custody order in your new state. This is a common occurrence when one parent moves away from the state where the original order was issued. There are a few steps in the registration process for an out-of-state custody order. The first step is to obtain the correct forms such as Registration for Out-of-State Custody Order and any other required forms, which may vary based on state.

You will then need to fill out all information for you and your child, including addresses for the past several years. In most states, you will need two copies of the custody order from the state where it was issued, and one copy must be certified. From there, the forms and custody order copies must be submitted to the court, which will result in the other parent being notified. You are required to provide contact information for the other parent in the process. This ensures parents do not register the custody order in a new state and neglect to inform the child’s other parent. The other parent may have a set amount of time to contest the out-of-state custody.

Will Registering an Out of State Custody Order Change It?

Many parents worry that registering an out-of-state custody order will change or modify the order itself. The good news is that registering in another state does not change the order or the agreements contained in the document. The method of registering serves other purposes but is not a loophole to make changes to the original court-issued child custody order. In fact, child custody orders are nearly impossible to modify without going through the proper channels in the courts and both parents being notified. The order staying the same is also good news for the child since it means there will be a routine and less upheaval.

Why Is It Important to Register Out of State Custody?

If there is ever an issue where the other parent violates the custody order, having the order already registered in your state may speed up the process of the courts enforcing the custody agreement. It is also good to have the custody order on record in your own state since it shows you have followed the legal suggestions and kept the other parent informed about your whereabouts. It will also create a record from state to state should the custody order ever be called into question or need to be renegotiated.

Family Law Lawyers and How They Can Help

A reliable family law lawyer will be able to guide you through the process of registering an out-of-state custody order. They will help you gather the right forms, ensure the forms are filled out correctly and answer any concerns clients may have along the way. When dealing with something as important as child custody as you move to another state, it can give parents peace of mind knowing they have legal counsel for support. Contact our law firm today at (310) 271-7675 for more information on how we can help.